Inspect 2 Protect Valet

Reduce liability for your valet business with our user-friendly digital inspection

Has your valet service ever been falsely accused of damaging a customer’s vehicle?

What if you could you prove the damage was pre-existing or occurred after the customer left your establishment?

Protect your business against false damage claims

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Inspect 2 Protect Valet

Inspect 2 Protect Valet is an innovative iPad application designed for quick and comprehensive digital vehicle inspections for automotive service providers. Efficient and comprehensive vehicle inspections must be done with your customer present, prior to valet services. Inspect 2 Protect Valet for iPad can reduce liability and offer protection for you and your customers.


How it works

When customers hand over the keys to their beloved car at your valet service they can only hope it is not damaged when they return. Put your customers at ease by providing digital vehicle inspections while they are present, prior to performing valet services. Inspect 2 Protect Valet reduces liability, protects your business against false damage claims, and increases customer trust. 


Starting at $59.99 per month, and available for use on three or more iPads, take advantage of the following features Inspect 2 Protect offers:

  • Utilize actual images for the clearest inspection reports
  • Document interior and exterior condition prior to starting service
  • Customizable interface options
  • Pre-loaded down selections, text, and voice notes making inspections quick and efficient
  • Easily update previous inspections with automatic time stamps
  • Maintain customer or vehicle profiles
  • Archive and retrieve digital inspection reports

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