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Inspired and developed by people who work in automotive dealerships and perform these daily tasks

We understand that every dealership’s process is not the same and flexibility is a key need. Understanding that efficiency, manufacture requirements, expense and of course Customer Satisfaction Index are a dealership’s main needs.

What is Inspect 2 Protect Loaner?

Inspect 2 Protect Loaner is a web-based application that works seamlessly between desktop and the Apple iPad.

  • Intuitive workflow speeds up the process for dealerships and customers
  • Custom tools enable more efficient fleet management
  • Affordable monthly pricing includes both desktop and iPad platforms
  • Developed by experts for experts in the automotive dealership industry

Benefits for dealerships

Work Smarter

Seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile.

  • Start your write-up at the desk, then finish on an iPad
  • Auto-fill forms for return customers (address, VIN(s), driver’s license, insurance, credit card)
  • Scan driver’s license for quick data capture
  • Take pictures of insurance card for data backup
  • Text or email contracts signed electronically
  • Customize for individual dealership loan program

Reduce Liability

Obtaining and securely retaining all required information.

  • Inspect vehicle condition, take photos, and capture customer signature with an iPad
  • PSI-DSS compliant app allows capture and storage of credit card information for 30+ days
  • Receive expiration alerts for insurance, driver’s license, and credit cards
  • Set minimum driver’s age notifications
  • Monitor employee access with customizable PINs

Control Costs

Developed with efficiency in mind.

  • Secure, compliant credit card storage allows easy collection of tolls, ticket fines, and fuel costs
  • Streamlined loan checkout process reduces man-hours
  • Invoice finalizing prompts help capture charge verification and manufacture required information
  • Affordable monthly pricing includes both desktop and mobile platforms

Efficiently Manage Loaner Vehicles

Reduce the time spent managing your fleet.

  • Loaner fleet management dashboard allows you to sort fleet by status (On-loan, Returned, Overdue, Maintenance, and Retired)
  • Turn loaner fleet faster with management notifications when a vehicle has met the manufacture’s program requirements.
  • Vehicle attention statuses at check-in (gassing, cleaning, mechanical) ensure vehicles are ready to load faster

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Maximize your Employee Satisfaction Indexes by simplifying their process.

  • Option to seamlessly switch between desktop and iPad as needed
  • Manage daily transactions with our quick-launch page
  • Customizable user interface to fit individual dealer needs
  • Hyperlinks in reporting help retrieve data and contracts faster
  • Flexible tools to develop dealership-specific reports
  • Manager notifications for loaner agreement days

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Enhance the customer experience.

  • Efficient check-out / check-in process gets customers out of the dealership faster (Loaner agreements in less than 60 seconds)
  • Modern application gives impression of a more professional dealership
  • Ability to e-sign and receive contract via text or email for a paperless experience
  • Walk-around inspection tools with photos gives peace of mind on vehicle condition.

All features

Web-based desktop and native iPad applications
Data syncs seamlessly between web and native application. Allowing to start on one and finish on another.
Customizable for individual dealership loaner needs
Manage daily transactions with our quick launch page
Scan driver’s license for quick entry of data
Digital contract signing and contract email/text capabilities
Photo capability of insurance information for data backup
Digital walk around inspection with sign-off capabilities (Inspect2Protect Service)
Hyperlinks in reporting to retrieve data and contracts
Ability to retain multiple VINs for one customer
PIN access for employee security levels access
Tracking of non-qualifying miles
Secure Credit Card storage that meets the highest PCI DSS compliance that allows longer than 30 days’ retention
Vehicle attention statuses at check in (gassing, cleaning, mechanical)
Retention of customer’s VIN for less data entry on return visits
Capability to set up notifications on Manufacture Program Guidelines being met to withdraw vehicles
Invoice finalizing for charge verification and manufacture required information
Report flexibility (able to develop specific reports tailored to your dealership)

NEW – Sales Manager notification when a unit reaches program guidlines to removed.

New – Manager notification when a agreement reaches a choosen amount of days.

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