Who We Are

Lower liability and increase customer satisfaction with Inspect 2 Protect

Developed under Kendrick Enterprises, Inspect 2 Protect offers unmatched value to service shops & auto mechanics.

Kendrick Enterprises was founded by a dedicated individual who has been in the auto service industry since 1994. Inspect 2 Protect was developed out of experience serving as a service advisor, service manager, and general manager. Inspect 2 Protect was specifically engineered to solve a common problem our founder experienced first hand in the auto service industry.

Our Goal

Our goal is to lower your shop’s liability and expenses, while increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and retention rates. By reducing liability with our innovative technology, a domino effect takes place. First and foremost, employee morale increases, which in turn produces greater productivity and an overall happier workplace. Secondly, customers enjoy and prefer the added reliability of technologically advanced vehicle inspections. Make your service department the preferred location for customers near and far, all you need is a little help from Inspect 2 Protect.